Tenant Representation

Valcor Commercial Real Estate in San Antonio provides Tenant Representation for retail, office, and industrial tenants. Our services include market education, site selection, and lease negotiations for new leases. Our Tenant Representation firm takes pride in understanding demographics, traffic patterns, market trends, and current market conditions in order to produce superior results for each client. Whether you need to rent office space, rent industrial space or rent retail space, we can find the perfect match. We will help you lease commercial space!

What is Tenant Representation commercial real estate service?

Valcor Commercial Real Estate is a commercial real estate brokerage where your Tenant Representative focuses solely on your needs as a tenant rather than being tied to the lessor or landlord. We handle the tenant side of commercial real estate transactions.

How can this benefit you as a tenant?

Our Tenant Representation services represent YOU! When an agent works for a landlord, they feel an obligation to show you potential property that belongs to that landlord. Rather than concentrating on a site is a best for you the agent feels obligated to represent the landlord client’s interests by selling you on their space. Tenant Representation can potentially save you thousands of dollars compared to working directly with landlord representatives.

Tenant Representation is FREE to you!

Not hiring a tenant representative can be one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make regardless of the size of the space needed.  Most deals negotiated directly with the landlord will cost the tenant over the term of the lease, no matter how savvy the businessperson is.

Here are just some of the ways Valcor Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation services can assist you throughout the entire leasing process:

  • Eliminate the stress of the real estate rental process
  • Conduct a needs assessment, including whether to relocate or renew a current lease
  • Market survey to determine spaces that meet your needs
  • Schedule site tours based on your criteria
  • Site selection
  • Avoid hidden cost and upcharges
  • Proposing and negotiating favorable lease terms

Let one of our experienced Commercial Tenant Representative’s provide you with the high-level services Valcor demands that are tailored to meet your needs based on your individual goals and objectives. We know this market and we can find your space! Call us now to discuss your needs.

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