Taking the Storm Head-On

The American buffalo is known for taking a storm head-on as it instinctively knows that the harder and faster it goes into the storm the sooner it will exit.

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, businesses across the country were struggling to make sense of the storm and what was happening. The brokers at Valcor Commercial Real Estate decided, as a team, that we would take it head-on and remain in front of circumstances as much as possible, not sitting back on our heels until the storm passed.

Standing strong through the COVID-19 storm within the commercial real estate industry has meant days on the phone calling every business we have a relationship with to advise them on available support and next steps. The Valcor brokers specifically pursued tenants, landlords, and clients to help coordinate Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds and assess rent abatement or deferment plans where appropriate. As the pandemic continues into August and beyond, our strategy at Valcor will remain the same: to continue a relentless forward motion despite uncertainty.

If we can stay resilient and move through the pandemic helping landlords and tenants make sense of the CRE market, we can only hope to achieve the status of “Tatanka” (Lakota language for “buffalo”)!

Chris Curiel is a broker at Valcor Commercial Real Estate, a commercial real estate firm serving Central and South Texas with unparalleled performance and experience. Valcor CRE takes pride in providing high level services tailored to meet the unique needs of clients.

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